Immunizing Children with Confidence

Children’s Healthcare Canada in partnership with Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP) led a Public Health Agency of Canada funded project, Immunizing Children with Confidence. This project aimed to support an evidence-based information and awareness building campaign to ensure the maximum number of children eligible for the COVID vaccine were inoculated. Immunizing Children with Confidence addressed an identified knowledge gap by developing and sharing resources with vaccine communicators, vaccine providers, and families. This project concluded in (insert month) 2023.

The goal of this initiative was to:

  • Advance the awareness of, knowledge, and resources available to front-line child and youth healthcare providers responsible for vaccination, in order to ensure they can safely and confidently vaccinate children, including those who have increased risks associated to COVID and other vaccine-preventable infectious diseases (e.g., disabilities, medical complexity, acute illnesses). 
  • Build the capacity (and confidence) of healthcare providers as vaccinators and vaccination promoters.
  • Share credible current knowledge with Children’s Healthcare Canada’s family partners to inform their vaccination decisions for their child(ren).

Project Resources: