Child Health Advocacy

Our Kids. Canada's Future.

Our advocacy efforts aim to inform and shape child health policy that improves child and youth health and healthcare. 

Through engagement with members, parliamentarians, committees, and senior bureaucrats, we:

  • provide subject matter experts to lead and inform discussions related to child and youth health,
  • develop advocacy tools for distribution to members engaged in child and youth health advocacy efforts,
  • conduct important public opinion polling to support and influence child health policy,
  • work with national organizations to share and act on timely and accessible knowledge.

As trusted professional collaborators, Children's Healthcare Canada continually seeks to monitor, engage, and build awareness of our priorities through a non-partisan and united approach. We understand the importance of national engagement. We strive to maintain our knowledge about federal Advocacy and Government Relations activities and requirements that impact our role as advocates in the child and youth health sector.   

  1. Children’s Healthcare Canada is a registered in-house lobbyist under the federal Lobbying Act. 
  2. Children’s Healthcare Canada is an active member of the Government Relations Institute of Canada (GRIC).  GRIC is the recognized voice of the government relations profession, serving its members through promotion and enhancement of their role in the democratic process.
  3. Children’s Healthcare Canada is a proud member of HEAL, Organizations for Health Action, coalition of 40 national health organizations dedicated to improving the health of Canadians and the quality of care they receive. HEAL represent more than 650,000 providers and consumers of healthcare.  


Data & Polling:

Other Organizations Advocating for Canada’s Children & Youth:


Questions or comments?  Looking to support our advocacy efforts as a content expert or someone with lived experienced as a patient, caregiver, or family of a child or youth?  Please send us an email at