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Children’s Healthcare Canada endorses and supports initiatives and policies promoting equity, access, and quality of care for Indigenous, Inuit, and Métis children and youth in Canada.

We acknowledge the tragic history of the residential school system in Canada and reflect on it’s continued impact on the health and well-being of Indigenous peoples, survivors, families and communities and in particular children.  

We support Jordan’s Principle, a child-first legal approach that addresses, in a timely manner, the unmet needs of First Nations children. Jordan’s Principle is a legal requirement that provides access to services and supports for First Nations children and ensures that the government of first contact pays for the supports without delays. Its aim is to ensure that First Nations children can receive timely supports and services they require for their health and well-being and that are available to other children. It also asserts that children have access to culturally relevant supports that fully meet their needs.

Children’s Healthcare Canada recognizes the historical and ongoing inequities that impact the healthcare and outcomes of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis children and youth in Canada. We stand with our members in facilitating access to high-quality healthcare for all children in Canada.

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