About the Canadian Family Advisory Network

The Canadian Family Advisory Network (CFAN) is a national network of family advisory groups across Canada. These groups are associated with hospitals, hospices, health regions and rehab facilities. Members are either family representatives or staff liaisons for the councils.

CFAN membership is free and open to any group or individual that has an interest in family centred care. If you are not associated with a formal advisory group, you are welcome to join as an Associate Member. CFAN is supported through a partnership with Children’s Healthcare Canada.

The Canadian Family Advisory Network (CFAN) was formed in 2002 to link the various volunteer family advisory bodies that are attached to paediatric health centres, both hospitals and rehabilitation centres, across Canada. Since then, a number of groups that advise paediatric programs at general and regional hospitals, at two hospices, and within a regional health authority have joined the Network.

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CFAN's Mandate

CFAN encourages and facilitates the participation of families in making excellent, family-centred healthcare for children and youth a reality throughout Canada by:

  1. Providing a means for the otherwise isolated groups to share information and advice about recruitment, retention, reporting relationships, family participation in patient safety initiatives and the education of professionals and trainees, etc.;

  2. Ensuring that the voices of families are heard in discussions and debates in national, provincial, and regional fora about the health of children and youth and about the healthcare services that are, or should be, available to them and their families, and;

  3. Serving as a resource to any organization that wishes to collaborate with families in projects aimed at improving the health of children and youth.