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The Paediatric Rehabilitation Reporting System(PRRS)


What is PRRS -  Paediatric Rehabilitation Reporting System? 

PRRS – is a reporting system that captures and shares data from paediatric rehabilitation centres across the country. It is a vehicle to ensure pan-national rehabilitation data can inform an accountable, transformational service delivery system for children with disabilities or chronic conditions that balances the clients’ need and economic realities.  

Creating this standardized approach in the collection, analysis and dissemination of valid and reliable outcome measures related to rehabilitation services for children and youth with disabilities within Canada will allow the healthcare system to measure and compare the quality of paediatric rehabilitation services with a view to improving services and outcomes.  It is clear that decision-making across all levels of leadership (e.g. clinicians, administrators and policy makers) and across provincial boundaries cannot be made in the absence of standardized data collection and reporting practices. This national barrier that has impacted so many has now been removed as the Paediatric Rehab Reporting System is live to now capture data nationally.


Background of PRRS - Paediatric Rehabilitation Reporting System

The PRRS started in 2009 as a project of CAPHC network of rehabilitation members organized as the Canadian Network of Child and Youth Rehabilitation.  The project was initially called the “National Data Set (NDS) Project.  Much of the work to identify the need for such a program, to evaluate potential outcome measures, the quality framework upon which the PRRS was created, was done over a number of years.
The PRRS then transitioned to CAPHC’s Canadian Paediatric Decision Support Network (CPDSN) where the concept was tested in two pilot projects at eight rehabilitation organizations in six provinces across Canada. The organizations included a range of rehabilitation services across the continuum of care and collected data on clients with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Autism. 
These pilot projects provided proof of concept, demonstrated the feasibility of the initiative and identified valuable information and strategies to support the establishment of a nation-wide Paediatric Rehabilitation Reporting System. 
The rehabilitation centres that participated in the pilot studies were strongly supportive of the initiative going forward, recognized this as an unprecedented opportunity to address the current gap in access to evidence based rehabilitation data and best practice. Based on the results of the pilot studies, the degree of national collaboration and commitment to partnership, the Paediatric Rehabilitation Reporting System will address these critical gaps and create a national climate for data sharing, benchmarking and improved client outcomes. 


The Vision

Our Vision for Paediatric Rehabilitation in Canada is to improve the lives of children and youth living with disabilities. This vision will be accomplished through PRRS as it will for the first time ever capture and share data from paediatric rehabilitation centres across Canada.  This national database will not only support planning and decision making, but will also help inform health service delivery and ultimately improve the effectiveness and efficiency of services provided by rehabilitation centres.  By enabling a valuable information network, Canadian children and youth with disabilities will receive the best available care so they can live to their full potential in life.  

The Paediatric Rehabilitation Reporting System will allow rehabilitation centres across Canada to access information that they need to:
➢    Improve health outcomes for children and youth with disabilities; 
➢    Benchmark institutional performance over time and across jurisdictions;
➢    Identify opportunities to improve patient care;
➢    Determine best practices & opportunities for increased efficiency;
➢    Ensure efficient and coordinated care; 
➢    Link datasets across the continuum of care and across the country;
➢    Aid administrators in planning and decision making;
➢    Inform policy & practice based on evidence;
➢    Provide a sense of context of the environment in which the centre operates; and
➢    Ensure strategic alignment and excellence in care across the nation.


Implementation and Stakeholder Engagement: 

The Paediatric Rehabilitation Reporting System launched on September 1, 2015. CAPHC, CIHI and our national partners have been working collaboratively with our participating sites to ensure the appropriate tools and resources are in place for a successful and sustainable launch.    

Participating Sites in Year 1
•    Kitimat (BC)
•    Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital(AB)
•    Alvin Buckwold Child Development Program (SK)
•    Rehabilitation Centre for Children (MB)
•    Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (ON)
•    IWK Health Centre (NS)

Following the launch, we have continued to provide ongoing project management and support to all stakeholders. In addition, we will implement an evaluation process on an annual basis and at the end of three years to ensure the integrity of the national program and data quality.  


Making this Vision a Reality

Due to the dedication of many individuals from across CAPHC’s rehab community and the generosity and commitment of Alexandre, Frederic, and the entire Bilodeau Family, The Groupe Perron, Power Corporation of Canada, and CIBC Capital Markets Trading - Children's Miracle Day, this vision has now become a reality! CAPHC’s Paediatric Rehabilitation Reporting System is now a live powerful national tool to help rehabilitation centres across the country make better decisions based on evidence, and will provide robust, standardized data to improve access to care and improve health outcomes.



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