Role of the Liaison

Being a Liaison is about communication, knowledge, skill and acting as the strongest link in the chain.

The main roles of the Liaison are:

1. To be Children’s Healthcare Canada’s voice within their own respective organization/network

2. To be information-navigators and communicators

3. To be child and youth healthcare advocates

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Responsibilities of the Liaison Network

  • Share and develop strategies to improve knowledge exchange

  • Act as a collective voice to promote Children’s Healthcare Canada activities

  • Bring forward emerging areas of national or organizational priority in child and youth health to Children’s Healthcare Canada office

Key Responsibilities of the Liaison

More specifically, the Liaison:

  • Provides membership information to healthcare providers in their workplaces

  • Disseminates up-to-date information regarding Children’s Healthcare Canada activities and events

  • Acts as resource for co-workers in terms of Children’s Healthcare Canada -related inquiries

  • Facilitates Peer to Peer Information Requests to and from your organization

  • Assists in recruitment and retention activities

  • Helps to identify subject matter experts in their organization who may contribute to Practice Networks or Children’s Healthcare Canada advocacy efforts

  • Provides Children’s Healthcare Canada with feedback from the workplace (i.e. what providers are saying and thinking about Children’s Healthcare Canada and their profession)

  • Participates in and contributes to the Liaison Network

  • Submits yearly membership invoice to their finance department for payment

Orientation for New Liaisons

The first step in becoming a Liaison is to attend a Liaisons orientation session. Once your organization becomes a member and allocates a new Liaison, Children’s Healthcare Canada will be in touch with the Liaison to schedule a short orientation session.

Reporting a Change

Please make Children’s Healthcare Canada aware of any change of contact information as soon as the change occurs. Reporting these changes is essential in ensuring proper communication between both parties. When reporting a change, please use this form and submit via email to José Gauthier at jgauthier@childrenshealthcarecanada.ca.

Getting Involved

Knowledge Exchange Webinars

All Liaisons are encouraged to share their work with others. Liaison can do so by volunteering to be a presenter on upcoming webinars.

Liaisons can also suggest webinar topics if they have specific subjects they would like to see covered in Children’s Healthcare Canada webinars.

Email spark@childrenshealthcarecanada.ca to learn more about our webinar opportunities.

Peer-to-Peer Information Requests

When needing input from your peers on a specific topic, you can easily reach out to Children’s Healthcare Canada and ask to have your question(s) circulated among all Liaisons across the country. For the purposes of sharing and archiving, a private Children’s Healthcare Canada Members space has been established on the Knowledge Exchange Network (ken.childrenshealthcarecanada.ca) Children’s Healthcare Canada converts all Liaison Information Requests into online surveys that can be distributed by email to the appropriate people within your organization.