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National Benchmarking & Data Sharing

CAPHC - Canadian Paediatric Decision Support Network (CPDSN)

What is CAPHC - Canadian Paediatric Decision Support Network?

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The Canadian Paediatric Decision Support Network (CPDSN) was originally founded in 2005 to provide hospital leaders and policymakers with insightful quantitative data and comparability analysis of specialty paediatric services across its member organizations. Today CAPHC - CPDSN represents 23 health care organizations across the continuum of care, which includes acute paediatric, community, and rehabilitation centres.

CAPHC – CPDSN’s platform enables members to collectively share and exchange their vision, knowledge and expertise to advance paediatric decision support facilitated through participation in strategic child and youth healthcare benchmarking and data sharing activities.

Knowledge dissemination products such as the Annual Benchmarking Report, Dashboards, and other tools help CAPHC - CPDSN members build capacity within their respective organizations. CAPHC’s Knowledge Exchange network (KEN), the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) Portal, Peer-to-Peer requests, participation in the Annual CAPHC - CPDSN Symposium and various web based education events, address emerging and relevant topics of interest and priority; and routinely serve as information conduits for all member organizations across the country.

History of CAPHC - CPDSN

Originally called the “Paediatric Data Share Project” (PDSP), the group began in 1995 as a project designed to facilitate the access of comparative clinical information for hospitals specializing in paediatric care. The official agreement was signed in the spring of 1996 between the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, the Izaak Walton Killam Hospital, the British Columbia Children’s Hospital and the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Between 1996 and 2002, five additional facilities joined the collective and the organization was re-branded as the “Canadian Paediatric Decision Support Network” (CPDSN).

In 2004, CPDSN approached CAPHC to discuss partnership opportunities to coordinate an integrated approach for data sharing and collaborative initiatives as one national voice. By 2005, a collaborative partnership was established and CPDSN became the CAPHC-CPDSN within the CAPHC organization.

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