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The Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) is the first national online knowledge exchange resource that will ultimately provide one stop access to tools, templates, research, education and program information for health providers and families in issues related to improved continuity of care across different sites of care.

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 Continuity & Coordination of Care

Continuity and Coordination of Care for Families of Children with Complex Care Needs

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, timely access to and dissemination of information are of utmost importance. Expectations of professionals and of the public regarding not only access to information, but also access to services continue to rise, thus creating unprecedented pressures on the system and families alike. The need to streamline and modify services rapidly often leaves services disjointed and families bewildered at the array of services available with, at times, little support.

Better integration of services is essential in the delivery of quality, family-centered services.  This is particularly evident for families of children and youth with complex care needs, who often transition between acute care and community settings.  Given this reality, CAPHC has accepted the challenge of improving the continuity and coordination of services across the continuum through the development and implementation of a multi-faceted national strategy, in partnership with key stakeholders. The initial stages of this initiative have focused on knowledge exchange, with a view to ultimately bring about system wide change.

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