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The generous financial support of the Bilodeau Family and Le Groupe Perron has made CAPHC's Rehabilitation & Childhood Disability Program possible. Ultimately this program will ensure high quality rehabilitation services for children with disabilities.

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CN-CYR Operations Committee

Terms of Reference


The Operations Committee is the decision-making body of CN-CYR and provides strategic direction, over-sight and coordination of all CN-CYR activities.


The Operations Committee will be responsible for:

  • Developing a process to document and monitor strategic priorities for the CAPHC’s activities and CN-CYR’s goals in the area of child development, children’s rehabilitation and childhood disabilities.
  • Creating projects, programs or other activities aligned with CN-CYR’s strategic priorities
  • Ensuring completion of projects, and effective operations of programs and activities that are established.
  • Ensuring CN-CYR’s activities are in alignment with the priorities established by the CAPHC Board of Directors.
  • Identifying trends and changes in the rehab services environment.
  • Document a process for selecting appropriate chairs for each of CN-CYR’s committees.
  • Supports CN-CYR committee activities as needed.


CN-CYR is a program of CAPHC. The Operations Committee, is accountable to its members and CAPHC’s Board of Directors.


The Operations Committee is composed of:

  • the chairs of all CN-CYR committees
  • CAPHC Associate Director
  • Past Chairs of Operations Committee
  • Board representative
  • OACRS representative
  • Members at large (as necessary, to ensure geographic representation and expertise that reflects the CN-CYR membership)

The committee will consist of not more than 15 individuals.

Selection of Members

Proposals to add positions to the Operations Committee to reflect the current needs of the committee will be brought as a motion to a meeting of the Operations Committee.

Nominations for vacant or new positions on the Operations Committee will be submitted to the Committee, either electronically by email or at a meeting of the committee.  Selection of the new members will be done by a majority vote.  Election by email will require ratification at a subsequent meeting of the committee.

Chair positions are for a 2 year term period, up to 4 years.


The Operations Committee will typically meet monthly by teleconference, or at the discretion of the chairs.  Quorum for meetings will 50% of the Operations Committee members.  Decisions can be made either during in-person/teleconference meetings, or via email, at the discretion of the chairs.


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