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The infrastructure of the CCYHC is supported by contributions from each of its members and by a generous grant from the SickKids Foundation - National Grants Program.

Canadian Child & Youth Health Coalition (CCYHC)

There is strength in numbers

Twelve national organizations have come together under the umbrella of the Canadian Child & Youth Health Coalition (CCYHC) with a common vision to advance the cause of child and youth health and health care in Canada.

  • Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres (CAPHC)
  • Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist Program (CCHCSP)
  • Canadian Family Advisory Network (CFAN)
  • Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS)
  • College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)
  • Council of Canadian Child Health Research (CCCHR)
  • Maternal, Infant, Child, & Youth Research Network (MICYRN)
  • National Infant, Child, & Youth Mental Health Consortium (The Consortium)
  • Paediatric Chairs of Canada (PCC)
  • Pediatric Surgical Chiefs of Canada (PSCC)
  • The Sandbox Project
  • UNICEF Canada 

Established in 2004, the Coalition links 17 participating academic health centres across the country, and unites a broad range of experts and stakeholders across the continuum of child and youth health including all academic child health research institutes, a national clinical research infrastructure network, a national clinician scientist training program, all departments of paediatrics, all paediatric surgical departments, the national association of paediatricians, all children’s hospitals, the majority of child and youth rehabilitation centres, many community and regional hospitals that provide healthcare services to infants, children, and youth, over 30 child and youth focused mental health organizations, a leading national child and youth injury prevention organization, and  family advisory groups. 

The collective mandate of CCYHC is to foster the development of new knowledge in the field of child and youth health and health care, promote the application of this knowledge, support training and strengthen national advocacy. By working together as a national collaborative, CCYHC has an unparalleled capacity to develop, implement and assess national programs and efficiently effect changes in policy and practice that can lead to improvement in child and youth health outcomes. 

The CCYHC is collaborative and consensus-driven.   While each of the Coalition members holds distinct mandates, they share many common goals and objectives. The Coalition firmly believes that the synergistic strength gained through formal collaboration on jointly established strategic priorities provides a strong vehicle for achieving more in identified areas of concern than individual member organizations can accomplish independently.

To learn more about the CCYHC and its activities, please visit: www.ccyhc.org

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